Sophie Harley/Natasha Salkey Collaboration.



UK Jewellery Designer of the Year 2013. Sophie Harley embarks on a journey of mystical proportions with her brand new in-house collaboration with Ukranian born, London based jewellery designer Natasha Salkey.

Gavin Rossdale, an English musician/actor and the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush owns a piece from Natasha Salkey/Sophie Harley collaborative collection Bonne Chance. 


The Bonne Chance collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets and chokers fuses the elegance and fun of vintage playing cards with the powerful symbolism represented by the Heart, Spade, Diamond and Club motifs.


Natasha's creative narrative, integrating history and romaticism compliments Sophie's artistic vision of the mystical.


Each card suit is imbued with masculine and feminine symbols including the four seasons. Inspiration for this sumptious collection draws on Natasha's childhood memories of playing cards on the shores of the Black Sea, fortune telling and her fascination with the mystic powers connected to card iconography.

The Girls Home Project
Lauren Mayberry wearing house of love necklace by Natasha Salkey
Lauren Mayberry from a synth-pop band Chvrches is a great supporter of The Girls Home and is a proud owner of my House of Love necklace. 
In May 2018 I had been approached by Rachel Collingwood, the director and the Trustee of The Girls Home charity in Hogar de Niñas in Granada, Nicaragua to design a capsule collection for the charity.

After telling me the heart felt story of her charity and showing the logo I instantly felt that I wanted to be involved in this project. The first that popped into my mind was to call the collection The House of Love as it is a place where many girls of different ages have found a sanctuary from abuse, rape and mistreatment. 

I wanted this collection to have the same feel as Rachel's charity: bright, full of love, light and hope. Incorporating pink, the colour of The Girl's Home logo and orange - Rachel's personal favourite colour was a good start.

Adding a meaningful crystal with it's wonderful properties and healing powers was my other wish. When I started my research on the commonly mined crystals of Nicaragua to my amazement and great happiness I found out that Rose Quartz was the one. I don't believe in coincidences and feel extremely excited and happy that it is nothing but this particular crystal. Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal love, that restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. This beautiful and poignant crystal had to be part of this collection!

All the pieces for this capsule collection were hand made with love here in London.

If you would like to contribute to The Girls Home ether through purchasing a piece of jewellery from The House of Love collection or by making a donation please press on the link



Victoria & Albert Museum "Inspired By..." Competition


In May/June 2008 a piece of my jewellery was displayed at London's Victoria & Albert Musuem.

I was priveleged to be chosen from several hundred entries across different media.


My piece, "Dream Catcher" a shawl-collar-necklace, had been specifically created for the "Inspired by..." competition whilst I was studying jewellery design at Kensington & Chelsea college.


Later on my "Dream Catcher" along with a few other pieces from my "Sensual" collection were bought by the international Rock Chick/actress, Courtney Love Cobain.



Gems of the Clandestine photo shoot

Ukrainian Connection


Having maintained a strong connection with my Ukranian roots my jewellery is now gracing the Kiev celebrity scene, worn by the likes of Nadezhda Meiher, a singer who found success with a girl band VIA Gra and Marysya Gorobets, a TV producer/presenter. 


Grill Do Brasil Comission


In 2013 Grill do Brasil, a Brazilian steak-house in Kiev, commissioned me to create my first non-precious collection for their restaurant. This collection consists of a selection of fun keyrings, pins and bracelets that restaurant staff wear with joy and the regulars can take home as souvenirs.
I continue to develop seasonal collections for Grill do Brasil and my work is on permanent display at the restaurant.

Evening Standard, Valentine's Special


My "Love" necklace was included in the Evening Standard Valentine's gift guide sitting proudly next to Sir Paul Smith's cufflinks and Theo Fennel's Ruby Red kiss pendent.


Advert featuring actress wearing a Necklace by Natasha Salkey


‘The Player International’


My playing card inspired pieces were featured in "The Player International" Christmas gift list. The player bookazine is the worldwide recognised forum for members to source services and product of the highest calibre.


Bust Magazine


Bee and Honey Comb necklace got featured in the US