Growing up in the USSR where variety and choice were scarce, shop shelves bare and everything dominated by a dreary colour palette, drove me to desire to be different. I rebelled by customising my apparel and begging my parents to have my clothes made rather than bought in order to stand out from the crowd.


My first school uniform was made by a local seamstress and my first ever pendent carved from a silver rouble by a family friend. So living in London presented me with a greater challenge. Vintage, bespoke and precious buys from my travels became an answer.


Each and everyone of us is unique: from our DNA to personality, to our sense of style. There is nothing I like more than to design and create jewellery for people who strive to be different, appreciate the value of handmade and like me, love bespoke!


I've always felt love for fashion, style and design and ever since studying jewellery design, it has become my passion and obsession.


My aim as a jewellery designer is to create one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces that one would love and treasure.


I love creating pieces from a client's reclaimed precious metals and stones, breathing new life into old jewellery that has an enormous sentimental value but lost it's attractiveness to you. So if you are in the possession of, let's say a broken chain, an earring without it's partner or a brooch (that doesn't fit with your style) I can give it a new lease of life by creating something very personal and special to you. Working and creating it together.


I strongly believe that jewellery should not just be worn as an adornment, but have a special connection with the wearer either through symbolism and hidden meaning or through the feeling it gives your senses.




Let me make it happen for you.

Natasha Salkey Jewellery Designer London